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InterPromo can Design your web page!

  With InterPromo, your company's Page is not just in the hands of techies. InterPromo is characterized by its combination of state of the art web technology, AND award winning custom design. Experience for yourself, the extraordinary graphic clarity, lively animation, and real audio on pages produced by our Design Studio. If you are developing an e-commerce site, Interpromo will make sure your site is equipped with Real Time credit card verification, and payment by virtual check. And at the same time, our exceptional design stratagies will lead your consumers through the purchase process with ease. All these considerations make us the professionals we are, and point to a page that is a SUCCESS.

Hamptons' Complete Computer Service PC & Mac

  Web Design, Electronic Commerce, Communication Software and Hardware. Our office is located in Sag Harbor Village, we are open year around and serving the East End of Long Island since 1996, from Southampton to Ammagansett.
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As everyone knows, a picture is worth a thousand words. So whether you're creating a brand new Web site or you want to sell something novel on your existing Web site, you'll most likely want sharp, scintillating photographs that will entice your viewers to buy your products or services, surf your site or at the very least, come back again.
At Interpromo's Design Studio, the emphasis is on E-xcellence:
  Excellence in Photographic Ability and Talent
  Excellence in Digital Photographic Equipment
  Excellence in Customer Service
With our experienced, talented photographic crews, Interpromo can provide cutting edge photographic services in either a fixed or mobile location.

The source for all your Computers, Internet and Web-based needs.

 One answer
 One company.
From concept to completion…

From content development to compelling graphics and e-commerce, Interpromo offers a complete package of outstanding Web and computer services. Our talented team of content developers, graphic designers and technical staff will work with you on all your web needs from your very first idea to final launch of your Web site.

 No hype
 No kidding
 Just results.
 Start to finish.

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