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InterPromo   is in the forefront of making E-Commerce a reality for our clients. A few clicks and your products and services may be purchased directly off the web, instantly bringing you a worldwide clientel.
In order that we may help you venture into this medium and bring your business, town or region to the world, we propose to design, create, host and maintain your new web site on the net. Our pricing structure is competitively attractive and reasonable

InterPromo is committed to helping you market your web page. Whether we built you or not, we can help.
Interpromo now offers content development and Web copywriting services from a skilled content developer and copywriter with over 20 years of experience in both traditional and new media..

InterPromo can Promote your web page!
As a web savvy company, we at InterPromo realize that you can have the most beautiful site in the world, but if no one knows about it, it's not doing you much good!
To build a beautiful page is only half the job. We understand the importance of promoting your site with the variety of options available to us.

Search Engines -- We don't just list with them and forget about it.
We systematically repeat submissions to these Engines to keep your site on hte top in search results.
Mailing Lists -- No, we are not talking Spam. We are talking lists of targeted demographic addresses, and addresses of people who have requested info on the kinds of products or services you offer.

Excellence in photographic ability

With InterPromo, your company's Page is not just in the hands of techies. InterPromo is characterized by its combination of state of the art web technology, AND award winning custom design.

Extraordinary graphic clarity

Experience for yourself, the extraordinary graphic clarity, lively animation, and real audio on pages produced by our Design Studio.

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Perfect e-commerce solution

If you are developing an e-commerce site, Interpromo will make sure your site is equipped with Real Time credit card verification, and payment by virtual check.

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